We create solutions together
We work as a team, always ready to suggest innovative solutions on the most different fields.

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We can assist you in all your production needs: turning, milling, welding, laser cutting and sheet metal working.
All the work is integrated under a single project management, guaranteeing you will receive an excellent result.

metal shavings removal

Lavorazioni per asportazione truciolo

• milling on horizontal and vertical machines, multitasking with 3, 4 and 5 axles
• secondary turning, from bars with single and two-spindle machines and motorised tools (max dim D400 L1000)

light metal structural work

Carpenteria leggera

• mag, tig welding
• braze welding
• bending
• pipe and profile machining

sheet metal working

Lavorazione lamiera

• laser cutting
• bending
• spot-welding

outsourced processing

Trattamenti in outsourcing

We offer complete solutions with any type of surface and heat treatment, outsourcing to highly qualified partners who are able to satisfy any sort of technical specification.

metrological laboratory

Laboratorio metrologico

Our metrological laboratory is equipped with all the necessary instruments to guarantee all-round quality: gauges, micrometers, 3D measuring machines, hardness meters, roughness meters, and UT.



• UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - Sistema Gestione della Qualità - (DNV-GL)
• UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 Requisiti di qualità per la saldatura (DNV-GL)
• Qualifica dei saldatori secondo ISO 9606 vari procedimenti di saldatura
• Qualifica degli operatori CND secondo ISO 9712 lvl 2 per controlli visivi (VT), magnetoscopico (MT), Ultrasuoni (UT)